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AWD Brake-pads & Disks

AWD -by  BILA -  is developing a new programm for Pads & Disks.

The product-management of BILA BV is working with certified suppliers to
define and source the brake-products which fulfill today's market needs:
Good quality products for reasonable prices.

Soon we will update you about the latest range developments.......

We can provide part numbers for most passenger cars, commercial vehicles, busses and trucks in Europe. We not only provide the value for money product that your customer want, but our brake pads are perfectly equivalent to the various brake systems of well-known OEM - manufacturers, hence the R-90 certification. Our pads have certified formulations to ensure optimum stopping performance. Our brake pads come boxed as a set of 4 units.

Product Features :

  • Meet OE Specifications, conform to European regulation ECE R90 and compliant with EU requirements for heavy metal content.
  • Asbestos-free with special formulation for unconditional assurance of safe and sure stopping power.
  • Optimum performance on all surfaces, no damage to brake discs.
  • Excellent durability, because of less wearing and long life.
  • No noise, less dust.
  • Good thermal recession and recovery, good performance of water recession and recovery PC, LCV and Bus & Truck applications.
  • Manufacturing plant certifications: ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, Link Dyno, SABS, SGS, BTI, E1, E2, E11 certifications.